This is the employee and contractor library.  Please click the links to access the information.

  1. Customer Management

    1. Manage Inquiries / Customer interaction

    2. Collect Rent

    3. Move-In a New Renter

    4. Move-Out Renter

    5. Other Renter Management

      1. Transfer unit

      2. Apply Credit

      3. Charge for Locks or other Products

  2. Operations/Management

    1. Accounts Receivable

    2. Lockout

    3. Certified Letters

    4. Auction

    5. Check Mail

    6. Walk property

    7. Deposits

    8. Reporting/Analysis

    9. Daily opening

    10. Daily Closing

  3. Maintenance

    1. Repair Requirement

  4. Marketing​

Move-In a New Renter


  1. Open a new browser and log into the Arborstone site

  2. Make sure you are in the correct location’s website

  3. Go to Units>Site Map or Units>Grid List

  4. Select the unit the customer would like to rent

  5. Select “Rent to Customer” with the drop box listed as “-New Customer-“

  6. Complete all of the information needed for the new customer and click “Update Customer Profile”

  7. Click “View” under the ‘storage agreement’ section next to the rented unit number

  8. Click on the unit storage agreement next to the ‘Pending Documents’

  9. Print two copies of the storage agreement

  10. Have the customer sign one of the agreements and the other is their copy

  11. Staple the storage agreement and file it in the applicable folder in the filing cabinet



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